The Fantastical and Felicitous Fictional Character Blog Tag

Greetings and salutations, everyone! TODAY is the day that you are about to hear some of the fangirling that I mentioned. *wink, wink*

My friend Shay of the wonderful blog Nor bid the Stars farewell recently participated in the super fun Fantastical and Felicitous Fictional Character Blog Tag (created by Emily from the Altogether Unexpected blog, and you can read her original post here), and Shay tagged me to participate as well!!!!! (If you can’t tell, I am so excited to drop all of my favorite fictional characters on you and rant about how much I love them.) Because of Rule No. 4 for this tag, this will be a long post. You have been warned. (But please keep reading if you want to know exactly why I love fictional characters so much πŸ˜‰ )

Here are the rules:

  • Answer every question honestly. (duh.)
  • Use as many GIFs and images as possible.
  • Incorporate at least one YouTube video with a favorite scene of a character.
  • NO VAGUE ANSWERS ALLOWED. Explain why you chose that favorite character to fit that description.
  • If you can’t choose just one, that’s okay – give us a few answers and geek out if that’s what it takes.
  • Tag at least 3 people.
  • Use fictional characters from any fictional story.
  • If you get nominated and/or decide to participate in this tag, please put a link back to this post in your post and credit yours truly as the creator.
  • Have fun and obsess over fictional characters!

So, onward, my friends!

1. Goody-two-shoes: A character who was just so morally good

This one is really easy for me: John Avery Whittaker from the audio drama Adventures in Odyssey. Known as “Whit” by his friends, Mr. Whittaker is a resident of the small town of Odyssey and the proprietor of Whit’s End, an ice-cream shop and discovery emporium where kids can just be kids.

File:Whit with bible.png
Source: AIO Wiki

Whit is the epitome of a strong Christian, a loving father and grandfather, and a trustworthy confidant. All the kids in Odyssey love him and go to Whit’s End regularly, not just for the ice cream and cool displays (including the always breathtaking Imagination Station) but for a chance to talk to Mr. Whittaker and ask his advice about problems they’re facing.

Throughout the show, we hear of struggles that Whit’s had in his life and how he’s let God use them to draw Whit closer to Christ and shape Whit into the man of faith that he is now. Always seeking out God’s will, praying, and speaking God’s word into the lives of people close to him, Whit is a member of the Odyssey community whom people always miss when he’s gone because he has so much positive impact on the kids and adults in Odyssey (see the Adventures in Odyssey episode “Home Sweet Home.”)

Whit mixing a milkshake at Whit’s End
Source: AIO Wiki

Two characters come to Odyssey with no interest in faith whatsoever, but when Whit hires them to work at Whit’s End, he gently and unobtrusively presents the Gospel to them at every opportunity (living out Colossians 4:5-6). Eventually, those two characters (no spoilers here, but you’ll know who it is if you’ve listened to Odyssey πŸ˜‰ ) come to know Christ as their Savior, Whit’s example being a huge factor in that decision.

Whit also has no hesitations when it comes to helping someone in need. Braving danger to help Eugene in his quest to…oops, almost gave it away! Listen to “The Top Floor” to find out! Anyway, Whit always is there to help someone in need.

Source: AIO Wiki
Whit running to help save his friend’s burning barn.

I love Whit, and he inspires me to continue to stand strong in my faith.

2. Heartbreaker: A character who made you cry


Usually when I say “I cried,” I mean that I teared up and sniffled a bit, or maybe even that a tear made its way down my cheek. But this wonderful boy actually MADE ME CRY.

I recently finished the Wingfeather Saga, and I read the last few chapters of The Warden and the Wolf King (the fourth and final book in the series) literally weeping for Janner Wingfeather: Throne Warden of the Shining Isle of Anniera and protector of the High King, Janner’s younger brother Kalmar Wingfeather.

Image result for the wingfeather saga
Janner as he appears in the animated short film

Throughout the series, Janner’s mother and grandfather drill the importance of keeping his brother and sister safe into Janner All. The. Time. Janner resents this responsibility sometimes because he wants to be free to do what he wants to do; however, he still loves his siblings, and the weight of his responsibility comes crashing down on him when his little sister gets captured by a vengeful Fang.

Related image
Janner in the mountains

When Janner’s brother gets captured by their greatest enemy’s minions and is changed into a Fang, Janner’s guilt at not being there to protect his brother weighs heavily upon him, but he is still angry at his brother for selfishly leaving their family for the wicked Stranders and getting himself captured. In the last two books, a big struggle for Janner is working through his anger at his younger brother for constantly messing up. Kalmar, however, is working through his own struggles being a Fang and a monster that everyone stares at and despises. As Janner and Kalmar begin their journey to defeat Gnag the Nameless (the villain), they start to understand one another better, and the responsibility and duty of being an Annieran Throne Warden surfaces and grips Janner. He realizes that he needs to protect the King, even though the King is his little brother who’s always messing up.

At the end of The Warden and the Wolf King, when Gnag has been defeated and all of Gnag’s Fang soldiers are at a loss for what to do, Kalmar has compassion on them because he understands what it’s like to be a Fang and monster. He takes all of the Fangs back to Anniera so that he can heal them. Earlier, the Maker (the God-figure in this story) had told Kalmar how to heal the Fangs and turn them back into regular humans. But, in order to do that, Kalmar would have to sacrifice himself so that others could live.

Kalmar resolves to do this, but when Janner realizes what his little brother plans to do, Janner shoves through the crowd and sacrifices himself in his brother’s place.

Here’s some of the scene from the book (because I cannot do it justice no matter how hard I try):

“Janner reached Kalmar at last and looked firmly into his bright blue eyes. “I love you,” Janner said.

Then he tore the stone from Kalmar’s hands, astonished by the its weight and warmth, and hugged it tightly. He fell to the ground and curled his body around it.

The last things Janner saw were Kalmar’s feet and the living light that washed over them. It flowed upward like water from the stone and the earth and the white blossoms and from Janner’s heart, too-a pure and cleansing glow that blazed like the word that made the world.

Janner felt himself emptied of life, or air, even of thought, and his bones burned with a terrible and ecstatic love. He sensed the Maker’s presence and pleasure like a roll of thunder, a crashing wave, a cool rain, a newborn’s breath, all unfolding like the joy of spring from the earth’s wintry grave.”

The Warden and the Wolf King, pp. 508-509


No matter how much I try to explain this, I can not do this scene justice. I love Janner. He is the best. And I relate to him so much in being an oldest sibling. I was so mad at him and so sad for him and so proud of him all at the same time.

3. Parrot: A character who won’t stop talking

Our answer may surprise you as we types it with our handses, my preciousssss.

confused the lord of the rings GIF

Yep, I’m talking about Gollum from The Lord of the Rings!

Gollum is ALWAYS TALKING! Before he transformed into the wicked Gollum, he was a normal hobbit named Smeagol. Although he now goes by the name of Gollum (because of the “gollum” noise he makes with his throat), his Smeagol side is still there, and he is always having a conversation with his two sides, planning his next wicked scheme and trying to avoid the voice of his Gollum side telling him that he’s evil. (Confusing, I know.)

Gollum is evil because of 500 years owning the Ring and letting it corrupt him, but he’s still insecure. His Gollum side tells his Smeagol side that Smeagol isn’t liked.

mean the lord of the rings GIF

He even tells his evil Gollum side to go away once, and it works for a while. But after he thinks he’s betrayed by Frodo, Gollum comes back and pushes Smeagol down again.

lord of the rings GIF by Maudit
the lord of the rings GIF

In the first The Hobbit movie, we meet Gollum in his cave when Bilbo falls down there trying to escape the goblins. Gollum keeps himself company by constantly talking to himself and his “Precious.”

the lord of the rings sam GIF

Gollum’s always talking in his whiny little voice, either to Frodo and Sam or to himself and his Precious.

4. Devilish: Your favorite villain

He’s a blue-skinned baddie who’s always poring over his enemies’ tactics, trying to figure out how to ensnare them.


star rebels GIF

That’s right, Mitth’raw’nuruodo, better known as Grand Admiral Thrawn, from Star Wars: Rebels!

Rather than exploding in anger every time his enemies escape or letting himself go slack in his desperation to catch them, Thrawn is a cool, calculating, tactical master who respects his enemies even while hating and torturing them!

plotting episode 2 GIF by Star Wars

When Thrawn first appeared in Season 3 of Rebels, I thought that he was such a unique villain because of his cool demeanor. He stepped right into his role and came up with numerous ways to attack the rebels. Even while despising his callousness, I admired his restraint and self-control (except for those two times when he loses it…)

rebels GIF by Star Wars

(One of those times when an Imperial insults Thrawn’s methods.)

Image result for thrawn

Thrawn is wholly committed to his beliefs and to the Empire’s work.

5. Love interest: A character who, if alive in reality, you would want to marry

Hey, look over there, isn’t that a flying squirrel?

Okay, fine, I’ll answer the question. Ahem. Honestly, I had a really hard time with this question because I don’t know of any fictional character that I would immediately marry, and I’m not the kind of girl who thinks about romance all the time. So, I’m just going to say that I admire qualities from this character and that I’d want those qualities to be present in a relationship.

If he was alive in reality, I think I’d be interested in pursuing a relationship with Faramir, Captain of Gondor, from The Lord of the Rings.

the lord of the rings GIF

Faramir is courageous and strong in his beliefs as he battles against the enemy. But the whole time, Faramir is fighting an internal battle as he tries to please his father, who is never happy with Faramir’s accomplishments, no matter how impressive they may be. (Maybe I should say That Guy, because Denethor is easily my least favorite character in all of LOTR. Yes, even more than Sauron, Saruman, or Gollum). Denethor shows favoritism toward his oldest son, Boromir, rather than loving Boromir and Faramir equally. However, despite his father’s doting and attention on Boromir, Faramir still loves his family unconditionally instead of hating his disgusting father and being jealous of Denethor’s love for Boromir.

the lord of the rings sam GIF
Boromir and Faramir embracing

When Faramir encounters Frodo and Sam with the Ring, Faramir is tempted to take the Ring to his father and earn Denethor’s love at last. However, instead of letting himself be easily corrupted by the terrible temptation like Boromir was, Faramir listens to Sam and Frodo. He lets them return to their journey and quest, believing that their quest to save the world is more important that his own life and showing his quality- “the very finest,” in the words of hobbit Samwise Gamgee. This shows that Faramir can listen to others, take counsel, and overcome temptation and sin instead of relying on his own feelings and refusing to accept advice.

Image result for faramir pictures

Additionally, in The Return of the King, the third book and movie, we see Faramir’s love for Eowyn, the White Lady of Rohan.

the lord of the rings film GIF

Instead of pressuring her to do things she wouldn’t want to do, he sweetly and gently lets her know he’s there for her when she’s discouraged and sad, gently taking her hand and comforting her.

the lord of the rings sam GIF

Here is the quote from the book:

And Eowyn looked at Faramir long and steadily; and Faramir said: ‘Do not scorn pity that is the gift of a gentle heart, Eowyn! But I do not offer you my pity. For you are a lady high and valiant and have yourself won renown that shall not be forgotten; and you are a lady beautiful, I deem, beyond even the words of the Elven-tongue to tell. And I love you. Once I pitied your sorrow. But now, were you sorrowless, without fear or any lack, were you the blissful Queen of Gondor, still I would love you. Eowyn, do you not love me?’

Then the heart of Eowyn changed, or else at last she understood it. And suddenly her winter passed and the sun shone on her.

The Return of the King

A man with all of the above qualities would be someone with which I’d definitely be interested in having a relationship.

*deep breath* Okay, I did it! Moving on…

6. Sidekick: A character who was always loyal no matter what

The most loyal sidekick in all books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen is easily Samwise Gamgee.

Related image

When Sam got roped into the adventure by Gandalf back in the Shire, Gandalf told Sam to never lose Frodo. And Sam took that to heart.

samwise gamgee GIF

Throughout the movie and book series, Sam shows his loyalty to Frodo many, many times. For example, when Sam bursts into the Council of Elrond uninvited:

‘But you won’t send him off alone surely, Master?’ cried Sam, unable to contain himself any longer, and jumping up from the corner where he had been sitting quietly on the floor.

‘No indeed!’ said Elrond, turning towards him with a smile. ‘You at least shall go with him. It is hardly possible to separate you from him, even when he is summoned to a secret council and you are not.’

The Fellowship of the Ring

At the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo pushes off in a boat, intending to go to Mordor alone. But Sam has none of it and strides into the river after Frodo, even though Sam doesn’t know how to swim! (Spoiler alert: Frodo saves Sam from drowning. πŸ˜‰ )

the lord of the rings i am on holiday GIF
samwise gamgee GIF
samwise gamgee GIF

As the series progresses, the Ring’s hold on Frodo grows stronger and stronger, and when Frodo accepts Gollum as a guide to Mordor, Gollum’s lies poison Frodo against Sam. When Gollum frames Sam by making it seem like Sam took all the remaining food and Frodo tells Sam to leave, Sam is heartbroken. He even starts going back. But he decides to return to Frodo instead of abandoning him (even though Frodo hurt Sam deeply), and Sam reaches Frodo again in time to save him from the giant spider Shelob.

the lord of the rings i am on holiday GIF

Sam stoutly takes up Frodo’s sword and gift from the Elven Lady Galadriel and defeats Shelob before she can eat Frodo.

And at the end of The Return of the King, Sam shows one of the most classic examples of “bearing one another’s burdens”:

‘Now for it! Now for the last gasp!’ said Sam as he struggled to his feet. He bent over Frodo, rousing him gently. Frodo groaned; but with a great effort of will he staggered up; and then he fell upon his knees again. He raised his eyes with difficulty to the dark slopes of Mount Doom towering above him, and then pitifully he began to crawl forward on his hands.

Sam looked at him and wept in his heart, but no tears came to his dry and stinging eyes. ‘I said I’d carry him, if it broke my back,’ he muttered, ‘and I will!’

‘Come, Mr. Frodo!’ he cried. ‘I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you and it as well. So up you get! Come on, Mr. Frodo dear! Sam will give you a ride. Just tell him where to go, and he’ll go.’

The Return of the King

There are so many other examples of how Sam is loyal to Frodo during their grueling journey, like giving up his own rations and water and carrying more than his due share of the supplies in his pack. Despite Frodo’s cutting remarks and hurtful actions due to the Ring’s power over him, Sam remains by his friend’s side and reminds Frodo of Sam’s devotion and the hope that always existed, even when it was hard to see.

the lord of the rings don't you know your sam GIF
samwise gamgee GIF
samwise gamgee GIF

I think that Sam is one of, if not the, best examples of a true friend out of all the entertainment genres there are.

7. Complicated: A character you love and hate

Yes, I’m going to say yet another Lord of the Rings character! I would say that a character I get really annoyed at and yet love at the same time is Boromir of Gondor, Faramir’s older brother and son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor.

Image result for boromir

First of all, I get annoyed at Boromir because he is so easily swayed by the temptation of taking and using the Ring for himself. When he first sees the Ring at the Council of Elrond in Rivendell, Boromir is entranced by the supposed “benefits” of using the Ring. He doesn’t understand that the Ring is evil through and through.

the lord of the rings GIF

Eventually, his desire for the Ring grows so strong that he tries to take the Ring from Frodo by force. His mind is so corrupted that he believes that Frodo will take the Ring to the evil villain Sauron willingly.

‘Come, come, my friend!’ said Boromir in a softer voice. ‘Why not get rid of it? Why not be free of your doubt and fear? You can lay the blame on me, if you will. You can say that I was too strong and took it by force. For I am too strong for you, halfling,’ he cried; and suddenly he sprang over the stone and leaped at Frodo. His fair and pleasant face was hideously changed; a raging fire was in his eyes.

Frodo dodged aside and again put the stone between them. There was only one thing he could do: trembling, he pulled out the Ring upon its chain and quickly slipped it on his finger, even as Boromir sprang at him again. The Man gasped, stared for a moment amazed, and then ran wildly about, seeking here and there among the rocks and trees.

‘Miserable trickster!’ he shouted. ‘Let me get my hands on you! Now I see your mind. You will take the Ring to Sauron and sell us all. You have only waited your chance to leave us in the lurch. Curse you and all halflings to death and darkness!’ Then, catching his foot on a stone, he fell sprawling and lay upon his face. For a while he was as still as if his own curse had struck him down; then suddenly he wept.

He rose and passed his hand over his eyes, dashing away the tears. ‘What have I said?’ he cried. ‘What have I done? Frodo, Frodo!’ he called. ‘Come back! A madness took me, but it has passed. Come back!’

The Fellowship of the Ring

However, he realizes the error of his ways and genuinely desires to reconcile with Frodo. Sadly, he is killed before he can do so.

The reason I love Boromir is for his heart. Although his father greatly loves him and pays no attention to Faramir, Boromir still loves his brother very, very much and doesn’t let his father’s doting go to his head.

Image result for boromir and faramir
Faramir and Boromir in Osgiliath

Also, after Frodo flees from Boromir, Saruman’s evil Uruk-hai attack and start to attack the other two hobbits in the Fellowship, Merry and Pippin. Without regard for his own life, Boromir charges in and starts swinging his sword, killing Uruk-hai in an attempt to rescue Merry and Pippin. Ultimately, Boromir gives his own life trying to save the hobbits.

the lord of the rings elise GIF

Boromir shows his courageous and noble heart through his sacrifice.

Ultimately, I love Boromir’s character but also get super annoyed at him. πŸ™‚

8. Oddity: A character who was strange, but you loved them that way

For this category, I have to pick two characters (because I just love them both so much and have to mention them both!)

My first favorite odd fictional character is Dr. Zeiger from S.D. Smith’s The Green Ember series.

Image result for the green ember doctor zeiger

Dr. Zeiger is the main doctor for the rabbit community of Cloud Mountain. He wears huge red glasses, has one ear bent sideways, and has huge eyes, one of which always looks the wrong way. But the funniest part of him is how he talks. Here’s a sample for your enjoyment:

“Yes, yes,” Dr. Zeiger said, pushing some in the crowd away and bending to look at Smalls’ feet. “Out of mine ways, you rabble-crowders. Let’s having a looks at you crazy-tough fighter-kicker with your foots so discouraged by the cutting of the bird-blades.”


“He is being correct,” Dr. Zeiger said. “He’ll being fine as frog of hair in the nick of no time flat. He is cutting a bad cut on one of foots, and the other is nothing too bads.”

“How soon can I be on the move?” Smalls asked.

“Not less than three and one-half days and you’ll be well enough to moving everything of your feets,” Dr. Zeiger said.


“I think I understand. Oh, and Doctor Z,” she said, noticing Picket, “do you want to examine another foot?”

“Of course,” Dr. Zeiger said in mock enthusiasm. “I waked up this morning from dreams about feets, sniffed big-time major breeze of life and hoped with all my hopes that this day might be filled with stinky feets to examine. It’s a dream coming truth.”

The Green Ember

Isn’t he the sweetest?

My second odd but awesome favorite fictional character is Wooton Bassett from Adventures in Odyssey.

Source: AIO Wiki
Wooton going down his house’s slide

I mean, c’mon, what other 30-something-year-old man has a slide to get out of his house, often takes weekend trips to Switzerland, and knows everything there is to know about barnyard animals? But Wooton wouldn’t be Wooton without all of his various, hilarious quirks, and most everyone in Odyssey (and most listeners I know, including me!) loves him.

Other facts about Wooton to make you laugh: February is his seventh favorite month; his favorite animal is a sea monkey; he LOOOOVES licorice; he had an Irish Setter named Artichoke who ate birdseed; he had a pet moose named Dexter; he had an owl named Dr. What; he likes counting how many times jackhammers hit rocks when he’s bored, and he has an aloe-vera plant that he named Bradford.

Wooton is the best. Listen to Adventures in Odyssey, and you’ll soon see! πŸ™‚

9. Queen: A female character who you admire and aspire to emulate

This character has been one of my best fictional friends since my parents first read me The Chronicles of Narnia when I was little: Lucy Pevensie.

narnia GIF

Since the moment she discovered Narnia in the spare room wardrobe, Lucy has shown her bravery and good character. Even when her siblings didn’t believe that Narnia existed, Lucy still didn’t lie or give in to the pressure to renounce her story (because it was true!). She’s always truthful.

When her siblings eventually find their way into Narnia and apologize for not believing her, Lucy is quick to forgive, never holding a grudge.

Lucy always believes that Aslan is there and will come through for them, even when her family and friends can’t see it, showing her simple yet strong faith in what she knows to be true yet can’t always see.

the witch narnia GIF

Additionally, Lucy is brave during all of the tough struggles she faces, both in Narnia and in her own world. She’s not afraid to fight evil, but she’s also not afraid to learn and grow from her experiences. And she becomes a strong, mature young woman as she grows and learns.

Related image

10. Savior: A character who oddly reminds you of Christ

In several fictional characters I love, there are bits and pieces of their character or their story that can be used to carefully demonstrate bits and pieces of Christ’s character or life. I don’t like to point to a character and say that they, or their story, is EXACTLY like Christ, because no character, no matter how “good,” can ever compare to the goodness and holiness of Christ. For this question, I’m going to point to one of my very favorite fictional characters and an event in his life that reminds me of Christ.

So, the character who has a Christlike moment in my opinion is Ezra Bridger from Star Wars: Rebels.

Ezra’s life is in no way perfect, but throughout the show, he grows to be more and more selfless. At the beginning of Season 1, Ezra was a street rat on the grasslands planet of Lothal, living by the mantra that he needs to rely on himself and only look out for himself. By the end of the show, Ezra had been taught so much by the Ghost crew who basically became his family, and he thought about others first instead of himself.

In the season finale, Ezra gave himself up to the Empire and Grand Admiral Thrawn so that his friends could carry out their plan to free Lothal from the Empire’s rule and tyranny. By the end of the episode, the only way for Ezra to completely free the planet was to banish Thrawn. However, Ezra was on the ship with Thrawn, and Ezra had been shot in the arm. So Ezra used the Force to propel Thrawn and himself into hyperspace, and no one knew where they went.

But Ezra had sacrificed himself and let go of everything for his friends- for his family. And no one now believes that he’s dead and gone forever. They know that he’s out there somewhere, and they believe that he’ll return, triumphant and ready to enjoy his free home planet.

Here, let’s watch that scene (I know that I teared up):

Ezra’s selfless and sacrificial action reminds me of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, bearing the sins of the world so that whoever chooses to believe in Jesus as the Son of God and in what He did on the cross could be saved, so that we could be made right with God and live forever with Him in heaven. And just as Ezra’s friends are looking forward to his return, we as Christians are certain of Christ’s return.


If you’re still here reading this after this MAMMOTH blog post (which WordPress says is now over 4,700 words XD), thanks for reading through all that fangirling! This is my first tag, and I now know that participating in tags is a blast! This was so much fun, and I loved writing it! Thanks so much for tagging me, Shay!

I’m going to tag:

Here are the prompts again:

  1. Goody-two-shoes: A character who was just so morally good
  2. Heartbreaker: A character who made you cry
  3. Parrot: A character who won’t stop talking
  4. Devilish: Your favorite villain
  5. Love interest: A character who, if alive in reality, you would want to marry
  6. Sidekick: A character who was always loyal no matter what
  7. Complicated: A character you love and hate
  8. Oddity: A character who was strange, but you loved them that way
  9. Queen/King: A female/male character who you admire and aspire to emulate
  10. Savior: A character who oddly reminds you of Christ

Thanks so much for reading! Have a lovely rest of your week!

If you want to answer these questions but don’t have your own blog, please answer in the comments! I’d love to know what you think. πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “The Fantastical and Felicitous Fictional Character Blog Tag

  1. Amelie,
    Lovely post! I enjoyed reading your answers very much. It looks like you had a great deal of fun writing it. First of all, I loved how many Lord of the Rings characters you used. I also chose Sam for my “sidekick.” He truly is the best. And I don’t know how many times I’ve told people that I would love to marry Faramir. I love him so much, and he and Eowyn are the cutest couple in Middle Earth as far as I’m concerned. Lord of the Rings will always be my favorite fandom. It was wonderful to read your posts – this was exactly why I wanted to create this tag: help people to geek out and take the time to truly appreciate their favorite fictional characters. Thank you so much for participating! Have a lovely week.
    Emily πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for creating this tag, Emily!! And yes, I had so much fun writing it!
      I saw that you used Sam in your original post. I checked it out after I got tagged :). He is amazing. I just finished rewatching Lord of the Rings, and it helped me remember just how much I love his character.
      I love Faramir, and YES, Eowyn+Faramir forever!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, I loved reading this. Fascinating how Ezra is the Christ figure, which may be similar to Luke’s journey. But whereas Luke had to save his father and redeem the galaxy, Ezra had to save his home planet and redeem the Force through the World between Worlds.

    Ezra wasn’t selfless when he started his journey and I think in season 3 he went to the other extreme. He had the best of intentions but let his heart dominate his head (not in a good way) when he’d rush into actions without thinking. By season 4 he learned that balance to care for others while using his Jedi techniques to create the most effective plan. Hope he comes home soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post!

      That’s an interesting perspective on Ezra’s character development. Ezra had such a unique journey, coming from being a street rat to becoming a powerful and caring Jedi. πŸ™‚

      And YES, Ezra NEEDS to come home! I cannot wait to see Ahsoka and Sabine’s journey to bring him home!


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