Cover Reveal: THE HOUSE THAT DIDN’T END by E.K. Seaver

Hey, again! Yes, I’m posting twice today, and yes, both posts regard indie book launches!

I love supporting authors, especially indie authors. And I am so, so excited for my blogging friend, Emily, who’s publishing her debut this autumn! I read the initial draft of The House That Didn’t End when Emily published it as a serial story on her blog earlier this year, and I am so excited to read it as a beautiful, polished, published novella!

I won’t make you scroll too far.

Here are the gorgeous cover and intriguing synopsis for The House That Didn’t End by E.K. Seaver!

Nothing, not even the creepy house in the woods, can dissuade Ly O’Dare from finishing this scavenger hunt. Where else can a broke seventeen-year-old get enough money to finance her art endeavors and start a business?

Even being snowed in with a sarcastic stranger isn’t too bad, and as long as he is helping her find the hidden staircase, she’ll tolerate his quips.

Jackson Evergreen’s quest was something he had been preparing for his entire life. And now he’s finally at the end of it, so close to saving the world when he gets snowed in with a bubbly blonde named Ly. The house is more dangerous than either of them prepared for, though, and Jackson’s suddenly thrust into a situation he didn’t intend to get in and is falling for a girl he only just met.

One thing they know for sure, however, in this house, nothing is what it seems.

-Synopsis for The House That Didn’t End by E.K. Seaver

This imaginative novella releases September 3, 2021, and if you’re ready to preorder The House That Didn’t End, click this link to head over to Amazon! (And ahhhhh, isn’t that an amazing indie cover?)

Congratulations, Emily! I can’t wait for your story to be out in the world!

What do you think of that cover and synopsis? Are you going to add The House That Didn’t End to your TBR? Let’s chat in the comments!

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