Top Favorite Books of 2021 (so far): Collab Post with Kendra

Hello and happy Monday, everyone!

Today I’m so excited to be doing a collab post with Kendra of THE PLOT THICKENS! I love Kendra’s blog and her fantastic bookish posts, and she’s here today to share her top favorite reads of 2021. So far, anyway!

(If you want to see my part of the collab with my list of favorites, head on over to Kendra’s blog! And give her a follow while you’re at it!)

And now, without further ado, I’ll turn it over to the lovely Kendra herself!

Hey! I’m Kendra, the blogger over at THE PLOT THICKENS, a book blog that stands for quality stories, old and new. Amelie was kind enough to do a collaboration with me on the subject of our top five favorite books of 2021 so far. Honestly, I’m so excited to do this, since I could talk about my favorite books FOREVER.

I hope, through this list, you’ll discover some new books to read, or some long-beloved books to squeal over.


My Top Five Books of 2021 (so far)

#1.  The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

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In almost every chapter the question of who to believe prevails, as red herrings, false loyalties, and honeyed words come from almost every character. Sage, the main character, was my favorite; and if you like characters that are something of a mix between Han Solo and Sherlock Holmes (as one Goodreads reviewer aptly put it), I know you’ll LOVE this tale of political intrigue, lies, disguises, and kingship.

#2. Boys of Blur by N.D. Wilson

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I really, really enjoyed N.D. Wilson’s tale of the boys with feet that fly; who go on to great things in football because of their gritty determination to outrun the rabbits of the sugarcane field. Not only outrunning the rabbits- but in the case of this mythical tale, also the Grendels of the swamps surrounding the little town of Taper, Florida. I loved this book so much; more than I ever expected to like a borderline zombie story. But N.D. Wilson NEVER disappoints!!

#3. Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen


Another incredible book by Jennifer A. Nielsen!! I’ve read one other historical fiction novel by her, and I love all the little details that bring the time/setting of the stories to life. This tale of WWII follows Chaya Lidner, a Polish Jew who has become a courier, delivering supplies and weapons to Jewish ghettos under the most dangerous of circumstances. I HIGHLY recommend this book!

#4. Ignite by Jenna Terese


Eeee I’m so excited to get to talk about this new release!! This is Jenna Terese’s debut novel, and the first book in her new superhero duology. I enjoyed this book so much; the writing was amazing and I felt like I was really there for ALL of it. What if God gave super powers as gifts to people? What if people with super-powers were branded as criminals, shunned from society, and forced to give up their gifts?
Those are the “what if” questions Jenna Terese explores in her debut novel, “Ignite”, and I loved how she addresses a biblical way of self acceptance, and realizing that God made you the way you are for a reason.

#5. The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin


Last one! This was a really light, fun, sweet read, and I enjoyed reading more about Grace Lin’s childhood as the daughter of Chinese immigrants. The Chinese culture fascinates me, and I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a comforting book that explores a little of Chinese culture.


Well, thank you so much for reading! Check out my blog THE PLOT THICKENS for more book reviews and book discussions. Thanks, Amelie, for having me. ❤

Signing off now,



I’m Kendra, a Christian and ENFP who reads, rides horses, and eats pumpkin foods. especially muffins. I have a weakness for a certain Hobbit by the name of Sam and could re-read N.D. Wilson’s Outlaws of Time series forever. mention Jane Austen to me and I’ll be your friend for life.



Hello! I’m an aspiring author, avid reader, and high-schooler who loves Jesus, family, books, theology, conversations, and all my many fandoms. I’d love to connect with you on my blog, Swordmaiden of the King!

Hey, it’s Amelie again!

Is your TBR groaning yet? (I mean, if you love reading, your TBR probably burst at the seams eons ago, but having an enormous book list is a good problem to have, right?) I’ve definitely added some of Kendra’s recommendations to my list! (Don’t forget to visit her site for my list!)

Go check out Kendra’s blog and give her a follow to read her wonderful posts! To connect with her, click over to all the handy links I’ve dropped down below:


Thanks for reading, everyone!

Have you read any of these books? Are you following Kendra’s fantastic blog? (If not, definitely do so!) What are you reading now? And what are some of your top favorite reads from 2021 so far? Let’s chat in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Top Favorite Books of 2021 (so far): Collab Post with Kendra

  1. I keep hearing about “The False Prince,” so maybe that’s a sign saying I should check it out. xD I’m definitely going to add these recommendations on my ever-growing TBR!

    Okay, I think my top favorite books so far include the following: “Easy Target” + “Escape from the Everglades” by Tim Shoemaker, “At Your Service” by Jen Malone, “In Your Shoes” by Donna Gephart and “Ignite” by Jenna Terese. Goodness, that was kind of hard! But maybe I should a post like this for my blog…;)

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