Cover Reveal//Shadow by Kara Swanson

Hey, look at this blog that hasn't been active for months and months! I wonder whose it is? Oh, yeah. It's mine. *shyly waves* Hey, friends. It's been too long. After hitting the publish button for my last post (which September...), I fully intended to get back into blogging. But my heart has been … Continue reading Cover Reveal//Shadow by Kara Swanson

Cover Reveal: Forcefield by C.B. Cook

The swordmaiden hath returned! After an unplanned but refreshing hiatus, I am back and have the immense honor of sharing the fantastic cover for the third book in C.B. Cook's amazing IDIA series! If you've read my review for Twinepathy, you'll know that I adore this series; if you want clean, rollicking, page-turning, superhero fun, … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Forcefield by C.B. Cook