Cover Reveal//Shadow by Kara Swanson

Hey, look at this blog that hasn't been active for months and months! I wonder whose it is? Oh, yeah. It's mine. *shyly waves* Hey, friends. It's been too long. After hitting the publish button for my last post (which September...), I fully intended to get back into blogging. But my heart has been … Continue reading Cover Reveal//Shadow by Kara Swanson

Cover Reveal//Go Teen Writers: Write Your Novel

Hello, all! Well, I was hoping to be able to keep posting on a regular basis, but... ...that didn't exactly happen. There's this little thing called "high school" going on for me right now, and I've always had a bit of a hard time balancing all the activities in my life, prioritizing what needs to … Continue reading Cover Reveal//Go Teen Writers: Write Your Novel