#Writing Community Award

Happy Saturday, everyone!

As most of you probably know, I love writing and have been scribbling stories since I was a wee thing. (But we do not talk about my first story involving my friends and six-year-old me. Unless you’re my mom. Most of my old stories have been shoved into the dark recesses of basement storage containers, never to see the light of day again.)

So I was very excited when the lovely Kristianne tagged me for the Writing Community Award! I love her questions, and I’m looking forward to talking about all things related to writing. Let’s jump right in!

Below, the rules are (Yoda-ism thrown in there for uniqueness):

1. Display the award logo on your site. (‘Tis displayed above)

2. Link back to the person who tagged you. (Thank you so much, Kristianne!)

3. Answer five questions.

4. Tag three blogs (they have to be writing related blogs, not just any blogs) and ask them five new questions.

5. Follow as many blogs with this award as you can.

And now for Kristianne’s questions…

1. Who is the audience that you write for?

Quite honestly, this has changed a lot as I’ve grown up, since I basically write for whatever age group of which I am currently a member. Right now, that means I’m writing mainly for a young adult audience (about the 12-to 18-year-old range).

However, I would really like to continue writing in the young adult genre. There can never be too many solid stories for teenagers, and I’d love to write stories that inspire teens to hope, to long for something beyond themselves, and to trust in the One who upholds the universe. Reading the stories of authors like N.D. Wilson, Nadine Brandes, Wayne Thomas Batson, and others greatly inspires me to write God-honoring stories for the young adults in the world.

2. Are you a pantser or a plotter?

I used to believe that I was a pantser and would jump into a story with no thought for the endgame and no planning whatsoever.

That explains why none of my “novels” (cringe) exist in their full form today.

After having an assignment to write a short story, though, where I was required to plan out and give thought to my story beforehand, I realized how much easier it was. Because I knew my story so well, I sat down in front of the keyboard and typed out my elven fantasy tale with little difficulty.

So yes, I am now definitely on the side of plotting. The only problem now is that I’m usually a little scared to start writing my story or novel if I don’t have it planned out well enough, and so I procrastinate and procrastinate until I lose steam and all my brainstorming goes to waste.

Recently, though, I’ve been learning so much about the writing craft (How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson is one of my favorite books for plotting without excessive plotting), and so I’m starting to feel more ready to breathe life into the stories flitting around my head.

Anyway, short answer to the question: plotter. 🙂

3. Which comes first when you get a story idea: characters, plot, or setting/world?

Characters, for sure. With my latest story idea, the plot, world, and characters actually all came around the same time, so that was kind of unusual (although it was extremely nice, since I didn’t have to rack my brain too hard!). But with all my story ideas, it’s new people who are the first to pop up in my head and yell, “Hey, write our story!” Then, I build a world and plot around their personality and past experiences.

4. What genre is your favorite to write and why?

Speculative fiction is 100% my favorite genre to write. All of my very favorite stories are speculative fiction (The Lord of the Rings, the Ashtown Burials, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Out of Time trilogy, I could go on…), and they have deeply touched my heart, stirring a longing in me to live my God-given life to the fullest, to love others well, and to enjoy eternity with my Father one day. These stories that caused me to long beyond myself inspire me to write similar stories for others. Of course, contemporary novels, historical fiction, and classics hold a certain magic of their own, but for me, nothing has so tangibly demonstrated themes of sacrifice, love, courage, selflessness, and friendship as speculative fiction.

5. How do you handle criticism and rejection in your writing?

I’ve never experienced outright rejection of my stories, probably because I have not entered that many contests or submitted a novel for publication. But I have had to swallow constructive criticism on numerous occasions.

By the grace of God, I believe that I’ve grown a lot in the area of receiving criticism when I need it. I used to be extremely defensive and angry when someone would try to help or correct me, and I know I still fight that tendency. When I receive feedback, I take a deep breath. If my critiquer is with me in person, I try to keep a bright face, rather than a stormy one, and humbly take notes of what they’re saying. I pray that I would be humble and teachable. And I try to prepare, if I know I’m going to receive critique, by reminding myself that even though I’m not going to like everything I hear, that’s the point. I can either embrace the criticism to help me grow in positive ways, or I can shut it out and continue being defensive and unteachable.

Criticism and rejection are hard, and I am definitely not perfect when it comes to accepting them. But I am growing and learning how to give and receive constructive criticism well, and it’ll be for my good in the long run.

Thanks again, Kristianne, for the great tag! I really enjoyed thinking through your questions and pondering my writing. 🙂

Now for those on whom I am bestowing this tag (as always, feel no obligation at all to do this; I know how tags can pile up):

And my five questions:

  1. What are your publishing aspirations?
  2. What inspires you to keep writing?
  3. What is your favorite thing to write? (Novels, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, etc.)
  4. What is your mission with your writing?
  5. What was your first finished writing project?

And also, as always, feel free to steal this tag if you want to talk about your writing on your own blog! (Or you could answer the questions in the comments; that works, too.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

How are you doing, friends? Are you a writer? What do you like to write and why? How can I pray for you? Also, if anyone wants to talk about WandaVision, I’m game. 🙂 Let’s chat in the comments!


14 thoughts on “#Writing Community Award

  1. I loved reading your answers, Amelie! I also write for teens and young adults, and I’m more of a plotter than a pantser. I totally agree with you that speculative fiction can communicate certain truths better than other genres. And your words on accepting criticism humbly and graciously are so good and helpful. I struggle with criticism too, so I’m glad I’m not alone in the struggle!
    Thanks for this great post!

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  2. Great post! I used to be a bit more of a pantser, but I generally have an outline of my stories in my head before I start writing them. Something that’s really helped me is writing what I’m inspired to write in a story, and then tying the parts and scenes I’ve written together later, if that makes sense.

    *sees the WandaVision discussion invitation*

    *inhales deeply*

    What do you think of it so far I’m really hyped for the finale and please don’t bring in Mephisto and also [redacted] was confirmed ahhhhhhhhhhh

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Zach! I’m glad you liked it! I totally get that; I’ve definitely done that when I’m brainstorming, writing snippets of things that pop into my head and then either tying it into the story later of scrapping it, depending on if it actually fits or not.


      Yes, I am super pumped for the finale, too! Although after yesterday’s episode, I feel like they’re going to have to do a lot to wrap it up satisfactorily (although I’m sure they’ll leave some loose ends for Doctor Strange 2). I was actually skeptically optimistic about the show at first, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s been really good!! I love the mystery and the intrigue and the characters. Also the latest episode was a great dive into Wanda’s character, and I loved that.
      (If you’re thinking of the same person I’m thinking of, then yes, aaahhhh!!) I really like Monica, Jimmy, Darcy, and Vision (eager for the finale to explain him! Also THAT MID-CREDITS SCENE IN THE LATEST EPISODE 😱). Wanda is slightly creepy in this show. 😆 So yeah, I really like it! I’m excited for the other Marvel shows releasing, too. 😁


      • Yess, the newest episode was so good! The part at the beginning was kinda pushing my tolerances, but oh well. And ahhhhh that mid-cred scene!!! I’m already picturing so many epic showdowns occurring!!

        I was freaking out so hard yesterday when the release dates and schedules for other Disney + shows were revealed. WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier (HYPE), Bad Batch, Loki, and essentially I’m gonna have something new to watch every week til like August XD

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      • Uh, yeah, those parts in the last episode were…not great. Hopefully there’s not too much more of that weirdness. But yes, ahhhh!! I’m hoping that the finale is going to be around an hour, like the rumors are saying. 😊

        Ahhh, yes!!! I am so excited for all of those! Eeek! I cannot wait for the new Marvel and Star Wars shows (I’m FINALLY finishing TCW, on season 5, and I’m rewatching Rebels).


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